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In this free course, you will learn what bobbin lace supplies you need to get started making lace. Where to get them or how to make them yourself. The lace kit you create will help you get started and will stay with you as you progress in your lace creations. You will also become familiar with our learning platform and be able to ask questions as you get ready to learn.

We look forward to sharing our love of lace with you.  

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Learn about the supplies needed to make lace. In this class you will also become familiar with how our online classes work.

Course curriculum

    1. What supplies do I need to make lace?

    2. Bobbin lace pillow (board)

    3. Bobbins

    4. Linen Thread

    5. Pins

    6. Crochet Hook

    7. Pin Lift

    8. Extras

    9. DIY Bobbin Kit with yarn and clothes pins

    10. The Art of Bobbin Lace by L & R Tebbs

    11. Different sizes of Thread and how to adjust your pattern and bobbin count

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