Class Two

Your first doily pattern

Our second class will include a downloadable pattern and a larger pattern of your doily. We will review what you have learned in our first course, and then incorporate the three stitches in making this simple round doily. We will also cover how to find an error and how to correct a broken thread. When we have worked all around your doily, we will teach you how to tie off your work and remove your pins in order to remove your new piece of art. I hope this class will be informative and you will enjoy making your first bobbin lace doily.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Linen Stitch Review

    3. Half Stitch Review

    4. Border Stitch Review

    1. Down load and Print your Pattern

    2. Placing the Pattern

    3. Winding our Bobbins.

    4. Pin Alignment

    1. Your First Row

    2. Linen Stitch Section

    3. Linen Stitch Part two

    4. Linen Stitch - Part three

    5. Half Stitch Section

    6. Going around the Doily

    7. Tying off your Doily

    8. Tying off your Doily Part Two

    9. Tying off part three

    10. Removing Doily

    11. Removing Doily Part two

    12. Extras

    13. Bonus Pattern

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